I like how the "prominent media personality" didn't want to be named after claiming Bra Boy Koby Abberton was "was so drunk and he was spitting on the floor inside" and "hard to sit by…yuck." Big deal, people get hammered at these things all the time, isn't that why we watch? Give 'em hell Koby!

Koby Abberton

Koby looks sober as a judge to us…

As reported on www.news.com.au

WITH his wild merrymaking and indoor spitting setting him apart from his peers, surfer Koby Abberton has unofficially picked up the Anna-Nicole Smith memorial award for most outlandish behaviour at the MTV Awards.

Travelling solo without girlfriend and chaperone Tahyna Tozzi, the infamous Bra Boy made the transition from surfie to rock and roll veteran and his efforts were said to put Ozzie Osbourne to shame.

Revellers at Friday’s event claim the notorious party boy and perennial B-lister was “smashed” and “out of it” and disrupted other VIPs he shared the “glamour pit” with at the Sydney Convention Centre venue.

One prominent media personality, who did not wish to be named, expressed particular disgust at Abberton’s behaviour. “He was so drunk and he was spitting on the floor inside,” she told Confidential. “It was disgusting and very hard to sit near him – yuck.” Another said he was “out of control”.

Later at the after party at The Hilton, the Maroubra man was seen spilling and dropping drinks and slurring his words.