Did you catch our Facebook Live tour of the Superbrand surfboard factory we did earlier today? Marketing Director Justin Coté walked us through and gave you a start to finish tour of their incredible production process. Along the way, him and shaper Adam “Sparrow” Fletcher gave you an inside look into three perfect boards for the upcoming summer shred season: the Fling, the Unit and the Spam.

Justin also fielded a ton of questions from you and we wanted to highlight five of our favorites from the video:

1. Gabriela: Justin, what’s the best board for transitioning from longboarding to short?

2. Luca: Is it possible to shape the board completely with the machine?

3. Michael: How many boards can you pump out a day there?

4. Justin: What kind of fabric are the big, full board graphics printed on?

5. Stuart: Why have matte finishes become popular over polished finishes?

Sparrow and Justin showing off the new Dion Agius model, the Spam.

Sparrow and Justin showing off the new Dion Agius model, the Spam.

Give the video a watch again above, as the boys at Super are extremely dialed in and putting out some of the best surfboards in the biz. And thanks to Justin and everyone at Super for having us today, make sure to hit up their website Superbranded.com for all your surfboard needs.

Let us know in the comments of where else you’d like to see us do some factory tours.

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