No Hallucinogens Needed
Red Tide Causes Waves To Glow At Night

For the last week, San Diego County beaches have been experiencing a phenomena called "red tide" that, while unsightly during the day, provides nighttime beachgoers a full-on psychedelic experience.

Breaking waves are lit up by microscopic bioluminescent organisms called dinoflagellates that are kinda like plankton. Some people have been complaining that it irritates their eyes, nose, and throat, but most people are unaffected by the algae bloom that causes a "red tide."

Personally, I'm sick of it. I'd rather see clear blue water, but the glowing at night makes for some cool time lapse photography as seen in the gallery above. The photos were shot in north San Diego County between 9pm and 1am and there was little-to-no photoshop done to them. Trip out on that, man.—Justin Coté