Things are already full throttle on the North Shore of Oahu this winter. John Florence and Jordy Smith have won the first two contests of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, photographer Steve Sherman is doing an awesome hitchhiking series, The Eddie opening ceremony went down, the world’s premier big-wave safety course happened and so much more.

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And it now appears that surfers Jamie O’Brien and Anthony Walsh are on a mission to score waves when they’re most empty: at night.

SURFING Magazine‘s Jimmy Wilson captured some clips of O’Brien and Walsh shredding at night recently using Lume Cube’s to light the lineup for themselves. While O’Brien has been messing with these for a while now, it remains to be seen what kind of surfing can be done in more tricky and consequential waves.

Last night's light show at backdoor ~ @lumecube @damovideo music @von_boyage_chris

A video posted by Jamie O'Brien (@whoisjob) on

Stay tuned, because we have a feeling that O’Brien and Walsh will both be pushing the envelope with night surfing as things continue to unfold this winter on the North Shore.

All the light you cannot see @lumecube @jake_of_all_trades #litbylume try again tonight

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