A Dingo’s Tale is a feature film based on the life and experiences to date of Dean "Dingo" Morrison.

The story is an insightful look into Deans life and the journey that he has taken from a grommet and childhood prodigy up until today as one of the most popular surfers in the world.

A Dingo’s Tale tells the story of a young boy's passion and desire to achieve greatness on the elite surfing stage. The film will cover the highs and lows of Dean's dream to compete on the world stage and travel the world as a professional athlete.

Along the way, A Dingo’s Tale will touch on the key people that have influenced Dean's life and witnessed first hand his rise to success – people like Wayne "Rabbit" Batholomew, the 1978 world champion and Dean’s mentor from a very early age.

"Life's too short; just surf and have fun."—Dean "Dingo" Morrison

A Dingo’s Tale showcases Dean's natural talent in all surfing conditions from the most perfect sand bottom points at his hometown in Coolangatta and the infamous Kirra Point, to the scariest waves in the world including Pipeline, Teauphoo, and Shipsterns.

Dean's commitment and love for the sport of surfing is unparalleled. Ask any of Dean's peers, friends and family and they will tell you straight, "Dean surfs more than anyone in the world!"

The one constant that has always remained true for Dean in the ever-changing landscape of his life is his love for the ocean, exploring unchartered territories and searching for and finding the world's most perfect waves.

Above: A cool little news clip with Dingo on Aussie TV. He keeps his clothes on in this one.

A Dingo’s Tale
"He goes on surf trips within surf trips, on top of surf trips, and in between surf trips. I once made the prediction that Dean will have surfed more perfect barrels than any human being in history and he is definitely on track."—Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew

A Dingo’s Tale Locations
• Australia
• Hawaii
• Mexico
• New Zealand
• Tahiti
• Fiji
• Africa
• America