We went to Nalu’s Island Grill last night in Laguna Niguel for several reasons…

1) To pass out mags, stickers, and complimentary TransWorld SURF digital subscriptions to the six high school surf teams that Nalu’s Island Grill sponsors.

2) To sample some of Nalu’s epic island style grinds! You could smell the chicken cooking from a block away…

3) To celebrate Nalu’s annual “Team Discount Night” where they pass out cards that give the local high school surf team members a 30% discount at Nalu’s.

Nalu's Island Grill

What high school kid doesn’t like free grinds…especially from Nalu’s? Photo: JC

Nalu's Island Grill

Mike from Nalu’s serves up the mean grinds! What’s with the jock from the baseball team cutting in line though? Photo: JC

Nalu's Island Grill Frankie D'Andrea Ocean Minded

Frankie D’Andrea from Ocean Minded gets the groms frothing with a good ol’ fashioned product toss…now illegal in most counties. Photo: JC

Nalu's Island Grill

Frothing and hungry…a dangerous situation! Photo: JC