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The Cove

Every year from September to March, upwards of 20,000 dolphins are slaughtered in a hidden cove in the village of Taiji, Japan. The Cove documents the secret ops mission of a dedicated group of activists "illegally" capturing the actual brutal killings on video and exposing this tragedy to the world. Check out this call-to-arms and do your part to help end the unnecessary killing and exploitation of dolphins. Head to to get involved.

Best Box Set Ever!

Runman Trilogy XXX
All the movies I watched as a preteen are burned onto my brain, but no video affected my soul as much as the Runman videos. I probably shouldn't have watched Runman 69 every single day of my life as I think it may have caused some of my current issues. These grimy, gritty, hilarious, heinous, and life-changing films set the precedent for cinematic butt-making. Now, for the first time ever, you can get all three on DVD. I can't even begin to express my concern for any surfer who has not seen a Runman film—may God save your pathetic soul. Go to to order this must-have film set.

Gum For My Boat
Wuss Productions
This beautiful film that focuses on the Bangladesh Surf Club is a true story of hope and unbelievable stoke in the face of brutal poverty and harsh living conditions. As you watch street kids being given the gift of surfing in the face of such adversity, there's no way you won't want to stand up and cheer! Anytime you get bummed that your board is getting old or your wetsuit has a hole in it, watch this film and you will be thankful to even have surfing in your life—a must-see.

News, Nudity, & Nonsense
The Best Of Vice Magazine Vol. II 2003–2008
If you read on the toilet, I hope you are reading TransWorld SURF. If you already read the whole thing, I suggest reading the new Vice book. Look for such memorable articles as, "I Spent A Week Barfing," "How I Got My First Pimp Cup," and "My Babysitter Was A Gay Porn Star"—perfect toilet reading material for the wait between issues of TransWorld SURF.