kicker-6008Conner Coffin's Guilty Pleasures

Conner is a music lover. He's got over 5,000 songs on his iPod and his favorites are cool bands like The Strokes, Social Distortion, Black Lips, and The Adolescents. But we knew he had to have some skeletons in his musical closet. We dug deep in to his iPod and found some shocking song picks—none of which Conner admitting to even knowing about—yeah right, buddy.

"I mostly just poach other people's computer's for music—these songs must have gotten on my iPod by accident."—Conner Coffin

Lady Gaga "Just Dance (Remix)"
James Blunt "You're Beautiful"
John Mayer "You're Body Is A Wonderland"
Akon "Smack That"
Crazy Town "Butterfly"
Natasha Bedingfield "Unwritten" (Hills theme song)
Nelly Furtado "I'm Like A Bird"
Nickelback "Animals"

Wally World

Locals Only Volume III
Wally World Records

Standing at six foot five with glitter on his chest, black eyeliner, tight leather pants, and a long curly brown main blowing in the wind, Wally Passet strolled into the studio at TransWorld SURF for his acting debut. His line—"Who wants to party with Andrew Doheney? I know I f—king do!" will forever be remembered as the best line in TransWorld SURF's High 5. When Wally isn't wowing us with his acting, he's rocking his ass off with his band Wally World. His music is raw hard rock, his self-produced albums always kick ass, and if you want to party, you better buy this new disc!—Chris Coté

Grinderman 2

Australian depresso rocker Nick Cave is the man. At 50-plus years old, this guy has seen and done it all. He is like a sleazy uncle with crude stories and tells you how it's going to be. His band, Griderman, is a slight return to his Bad Seed days. Angular, messy guitars; hectic arrangements; dark, disturbing and sometimes comical lyrics fill the band's second effort. The songs are fun even though so filled with dread and sex. Weird stuff, but weird in a cool way. The stripped-down rock from this quartet pummels and drags the listener back to their place, which seems to be filled with wolves and hot chicks. Jamming this record will set an intense mood, just don't play it on the first date.—Rob Molt

The Fool
Rough Trade

I first got into this band while watching their hypnotizing sexually charged video for their song called "Elephants"—this is a video you simply must see to believe. Anyway, this girl group is as sexy as they are wonderful (at playing music that is). The band's latest, The Fool, blends droning reverbed-out psychedelia with sultry vocals stylings and softly grinding bass lines. They kind of remind me of Blonde Redhead on Quaaludes—but with a bit more sex appeal.—C.C.


kooksThe Kook's Guide To Surfing
Jason Borte
A lot of surfing books today seem to focus on the liberating, spiritual, and abstract aspects of surfing; however, many of these books fail to explain how one goes about actually surfing. In Jason Borte's The Kook's Guide To Surfing, he attempts to tackle surf culture's greatest adversary: the kook. Borte breaks down surfing in its entirety to reveal that surfing isn't just a bunch of hippie mumbo jumbo, it's something that anyone can do. The Kook's Guide To Surfing is Surfing 101 and explains how a person can transform him or herself from a kook into a real surfer covering every detail.—Sam Carr