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Two Must-See Documentaries

180 South: Conquerors Of The Useless

I will not be going on a trip with the Malloy brothers anytime soon. If I was as badass as them, I would, but I am a soft pile of scared shit compared to them and their friends. This book and film follow a few of their journeys to some of the most hostile, yet beautiful corners of the world, and eventually to the company's namesake location, Patagonia in Chile. This beautiful book and film tells the story of how Yvon Chouinard and his crew lived in the 60s and still live today—they scale cliffs, hike mountains, drive continents, and live gnarly, adventurous lives. I truly admire these guys, and you will too when (and you should) see this film. Buy the book, too—it's fantastic!

Sea Of Darkness

Michael Oblowitz

As a documentary lover, the announcement that Sea Of Darkness was coming to a theater near me made me weep with joy. This film takes you back in time to the mid-70s, fills you full of marijuana and mushrooms, tosses you out into the lineup at G-Land, and puts you into a crew of worldly madmen who craved the flawless tubes of G-land, as much as they did the heroin and other substances they were hooked on. The post-war, pre-surf-destination Bali shown in this film looks like a dream, the only problem was the surfers who wanted to live there and surf all day every day needed money—some turned to commercial diving, others turned to drug running. You'll have to watch the film to see what happens next. Bottom line: Sea Of Darkness stands as one of the best surf documentaries ever made.

New Music For Your Ears To Eat!

Present Passed

Postfact Records
It hasn't happened in a while, but when I put this disc in, I was immediately pulled into the music and entranced with the sounds that my brain was being fed. Librarians mesh the weirdness of Animal Collective but tone down the acid factor a little bit, making their songs more palatable to the average music lover. Mixing sounds and rhythms is this band's specialty—in any given song you'll here odd changes from funky indie jams to chamber pop overtures. Present Passed is a gem and a must-hear for fans of Vampire Weekend or Local Natives.


The Metal Sun ep
Weather Center Sensory Media
I'm definitely going to put a song by this band in the upcoming TransWorld SURF film. Their drivey, noisy, space-rock reminds me a little bit of old Sonic Youth but with the ferocity of Unwound and a dash of My Bloody Valentine. I miss indie rock like this, so I was delighted to get this disc into my stereo. The first song, "Cellular Memory" is a new my favorite song—so none of you try to use it in a surf video, I got dibs.

Lazer Crystal
Thrill Jockey
To me, this CD can be best described as space-travel rock music. Think in your mind what stream-of-conscious, mind-bending, wormhole-traveling, tripped-out science fiction, laser-firing, distant-galaxy music would sound like, and you have Lazer Crystal. If Godspeed You Black Emperor somehow found a time machine and went to the year 2029, they would probably play music like this. Fans of Trans Am and/or Holy F—k will love this band, and I am a fan of both of those bands, therefore I love this album.
-By Chris Coté


Bali in the '70s...yeeeeew!