6/27 Monday Mailbag

Letter Of The Week: Stoked Veteran
Hello Transworld! I have been following the mag for a long, long time. Something like 9 years or so. This is the first time I have ever written to you, and I gotta say that you guys are amazing. Deployed twice to Iraq and both times these pages kept me going. No doubt about it. So I received my August edition and to my surprise the pages are full of Alana Blanchard! Wow!! Thank you so much for that. She is a great surfer and a hot one. Probably the hottest of the hot!!! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!!
P.S. Hey Chris we should surf sometime….
Right Coast, North Carolina

Glad to hear you made it back from not one, but two deployments! That's some heavy shit. A huge thanks goes out to all of our armed services volunteers...and a box of Popchips to Luis for Letter Of The Week.

No G-Banger On Chris Please
Stoked on the amount of women surfers in the latest issue. Bikini clad rippers are fantastic. Just make sure Coté never dons a g-string at a session in Tavi, or anywhere for that matter.

chris-coteSorry, but I cannot guarantee that my brother Chris will not be wearing a g-string anytime soon.

Board Painting Advice
I always see pros with the coolest boards imaginable; I’ve always wanted to hit my board with a little paint to make it look like a pro board, is it okay to paint your board? If so what type of paint is the best?
Dustin B.
Wildomar, California

Conner Coffin desecrates, err, draws on, a new Channel Islands. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

Conner Coffin desecrates, err, draws on, a new Channel Islands. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

It’s just fine to paint your board to make it look "pro." We suggest using Posca paint markers. Draw whatever you want with the Posca pens then seal the deal with a bit of waterproof sealant found at any hardware store.

Baby Shakas
Here’s my little boy, Leo, throwing shakas to the other gremmies in the nursery at a ripe old age of about 10 minutes old. Has to be the youngest ever…maybe the John John Florence of Shaka Throwers?
Jake from Prune-Tucky, California

That's epic!

Wondering About The World Title
Can a surfer win the world title through the "One World Ranking" and not actually be on tour? I heard Rob Machado ask this question on a webcast and he never got a solid answer.

I wasn't sure about this so I hit up Dave Prodan from the ASP, here's what he had to say, "The ASP World Title is determined strictly from ASP World Title events. The idea being that only the ASP World Title events (GC, Bells, Rio, JBay, Tahiti, NYC, Trestles, France, Peniche, SF, Pipe) can determine the world champ."

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