Momentum Goes Under The Influence

It’s been ten years since Taylor Steele released his first Momentum movie — you know, the one with Tom Curren, Kelly Slater, Ross Williams, Rob Machado, and Shane Dorian. Now, a decade later, Steele has taken a seat in the back of the bus and let newcomer Matt Beauchesne drive Poor Specimen’s latest project, Momentum: Under The Influence.


Last night, before more than 200 frantic junior high and high-school kids (and some of their parents) at La Paloma theater in Encinitas, Poor Specimen premiered its third Momentum movie. Beauchesne promised the audience would see the best surfers under 23. He delivered.

Momentum: Under The Influence is a no-nonsense surf movie — no skits, no lifestyle imagery, no shenanigans. Just full-speed surfing. “There’s definitely some shoes to be filled,” says Beauchesne of his mentor Steele. “You’ve got to go with what you got.”

What Beauchesne has is an enclave of the world’s best established and up-and-coming surfers, including C.J. Hobgood, Bruce Irons, Taj Burrow, Joel Parkinson, Andy Irons, Damien Hobgood, Dan Malloy, Mick Fanning, Ben Bourgeois, Dave Rastovich, and Dean Morrison.

The crowd absolutely lost it after C.J.’s section, which was riddled with endless left-hand Mentawais barrels and capped with this crazy varial barrel roll. “We were stoked to get on the Op trip,” says Beauchesne, which is where he shot C.J.’s super-long tube rides. “If we didn’t go we wouldn’t have gotten such good footage.”

Burrow’s section, filled with tweaked frontside airs, was also dazzling. Another favorite was Bruce Irons’ part. Keyed to CKy, Bruce’s section was non-stop madness, peppered with huge airs (that he usually didn’t pull) and filthy stand-up, no hands, backside spitting barrels.

As the audience filed out of the 7:00 p.m. show buzzing, hundreds of people were waiting anxiously for the second showing. Who knows if all of them got in, considering the line wrapped around the theater up to the railroad tracks. Too bad for them.

“I’m stoked how it came out,” says Beauchesne of his debut film. “I’m on cloud nine right now.”


Momentum: Under The Influence is available on VHS and DVD. For more information on the video and future premieres, go to