Model Search: Miss January 2014 Unveiled

Congrats to 21-year old Elise Miller from San Luis Obispo, California! Miss Miller will be rocking central California in style thanks to her prizes from B. Swim and VonZipper. See below for a quick chat with Miss January 2014…

TransWorld SURF: Occupation?
Elise Miller: Currently a student; planning on becoming a Neonatal Nurse.

Turn ons?
Respectful, adventurous, sense of humor, and family oriented.

Turn offs?
Cocky, high maintenance, rude, lying s.o.b’s.

Got a boyfriend? Who’s the lucky guy?
Oh, do I. Mr Johnny Hollingsead is the man that holds my heart. I'd say I'm the lucky one!

Are you regular or goofyfoot?
Goofy…in all senses of the word haha!

What's your favorite beach in the world?
I haven’t been around the world—yet—but so far I loved Mombasa beach in Kenya, Africa.

Last dirty joke you told?
I’ve tried to take a stab at the whole joke thing but I'm far better off just saying sassy crude comments. Blind sides 'em every time.

If you could go on a date with any pro surfer who would it be?
Coffee date and adventuring with mega babe Sage Erickson. Didn’t see that coming did ya?

Worst pickup line you've ever heard?
“Excuse me, did you sit on a pile of sugar?” [Uh what?] “Just wondering because you have a pretty sweet ass” Clever sir, very clever.

Secret and/or hidden talent?
I may or may not have been a band geek throughout grade school…this chick has some sax skills Sonny Rollins would be jealous of.

What would your last meal consist of?
Some authentic Mexican food partnered with a cold beer. Bom Dia!

Guilty pleasure?
Vegging out to my men in leather, Sons of Anarchy, while accompanied by my other men, Ben and Jerry.

Last movie you saw?
The Lego Movie…no judgement.

Last words?
I didn’t used to finish sentences, but now I

To enter the TransWorld SURF Model Search email your photos to [email protected] Please include age, hometown, occupation, interests, and whatever else you think we should know. Monthly winners receive a $250 VonZipper gift card and a swimsuit from B. Swim. You must be 18 to enter.