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Outside of winning the Hurley Lowers Pro and being the number one surfer in the world, Mick Fanning has something else to celebrate: a new beer company. Photo: Mick Fanning

Mick Fanning is joining fellow Aussie surfers Josh Kerr, Joel Parkinson and Bede Durbidge to launch their own craft beer company: Balter Brewing.

Roughly five months ago, the foursome set the surfing world ablaze when they “announced” they were starting a men’s cologne line inspired by the “scent of winners” called Ocean’s Mist.

The Instagram posts sent out by Fanning and crew for the release of their scent titled “Surfers 4” was replete with images of the surfers striking Zoolander-esque poses and made the surf community question whether they had all lost their minds:

Luckily, it was just a hoax. And the next day the Aussies came clean about their ruse.

The group had more fitting news: They are getting into brewing.

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"That was just a prank and I can't believe everyone fell for it," Fanning told GrindTV at the time. "It was used as a teaser for our real launch of our new beer company, Balter. Beer and surfing, now that makes more sense than perfume, don't you think?"

Now, roughly six months into their project, the group is inching closer to opening the doors to Balter Brewing. They aim to have one of three beers, likely a pale ale, on the market before the holidays, and will bring two more brews to market shortly thereafter.

“Surfing doesn't last forever and for me, marketing and business is something I am passionate about,” Fanning told the Gold Coast Bulletin. "I've always loved craft beer. The industry seems like a great family to get involved in."

And while you can follow the company’s progress as it continues to develop its 750-square-meter warehouse, beer-loving surf aficionados (and surf-loving beer aficionados) in the United States will have to wait to get their hands on the brew. The company plans to keep its operations regional in Australia’s Gold Coast for the time being.

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