Quiksilver announces the official end of the waiting period for the Quiksilver “Men Who Ride Mountains” Big Wave Event at Mavericks, Half Moon Bay, California, as of March 31, 2002.


Event director and Mavericks founder and surfer Jeff Clark has monitored the swell and weather patterns at Mavericks since December 8, waiting for the necessary conditions that would create the most favorable competition day. Despite extensive preparation and tremendous anticipation, the 2001-2002 winter season failed to deliver the light variable winds, and consistent 20 plus foot waves that would constitute what Clark would call the “perfect Mavericks day.”

“There hasn’t been one day this year that we had waves consistent enough throughout the day to produce contestable waves,” says Clark. “A minimum of six hours of consistent surf is necessary to successfully hold this event. And of course, the most important variable is size.”

Although Mavericks saw some historically sizeable days this winter, at best there were mere four-hour windows of good surf that occurred until wind or rain quelled any hopes for calling the event.

“We know the event will not take place every year,” says Bob McKnight, Quiksilver chairman and CEO. “The unpredictability is what makes this venue so special. Mavericks is one of the biggest and most powerful waves in the world where the most skilled surfers face a very tough challenge. When it does go, some of the greatest all time moments in big wave surfing can be witnessed.”

Stay tuned for next winter when the waiting period for the 2002-2003 Quiksilver “Men Who Ride Mountains” at Mavericks begins in November 2002.