Matt Biolas of Mayhem gets no respect

In a video posted on his Mayhem blog, …Lost surfboards mastermind Matt Biolas shares a video of him getting burned at Lowers. By two of his best and youngest riders. He even posted a photo of Rodney Dangerfield to put the moment into perspective.

If you happened to be paying attention to the Hurley Pro this last week, you would have noticed that almost EVERYONE was riding Biolas’ Mayhem shapes in the contest. Fanning was riding one of Kolohe Andino’s Mayhem boards that he claimed to be magical, semi-finalist Jules Wilson was on one, Brett Simpson got robbed on one, Dusty Payne was on one, and the list probably goes on.

Anyway, you’d think a man in his place of power within the guts of the surf world would get a bit of preferential treatment at his home break of Lower Trestles. But no, we’re talking about surfers here. Respect for your elders is about as common as kneeboarding, especially when you’re talking about a pack of frothing grommets. Here we see some reverse hazing as Andrew Doheny and Kolohe Andino take turns rousting the guy that made the boards they are riding, Matt Biolas on a solid set wave at Lowers. Too Biolas’ credit he made the wave, unfazed by the rude pubescent intrusion.

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Untitled from Matt Biolos on Vimeo.