Kicking Ass With Seabass


Sebastian “Seabass” Zietz is the next big thing from Kauai. There’s just got to be something in the water over there on Garden Isle, it’s just a breeding ground for world class surfers. He’s got the whole package: small waves/big waves, style, power, speed and progression. This kid fucking rips! He can surf in any Pro or Junior anywhere and win. He’s that good, and he’s that young, notice I said Pro or Junior (he’s young enough to surf in a Junior)

In the Nike 6.0 Pro at Lowers Zietz proved he’s on another level. He blew minds with the event’s only perfect 10, which he ended with a Freak Out turn ala Jamie O’Brien. Then in the Oakley Pro Junior he blew up in the final and had everyone comboed by the halfway point.

Here’s an interview I did with Seabass after one of his early round heats (the one he got the 10 in) because I’m …MORINformed like that, and I knew he was going to at least win the Junior:

So how was that 10?

I just took off, I already had a 7, and none of the other guys had even caught a wave, I didn’t have that much to loose. First turn, I kind of caught a little rail, and I didn’t want to blow the wave, so I just got real angry at myself. Each turn was angrier and angrier, by the the time i got to my last turn a was just skitzin out, and I just went for it.

Yeah, I was at the Goofy vs. Regular contest when you did that one that you reverted out of.

That one was a lot more lucky, I just came out, like a magic carpet ride.

Speaking of magic carpets, can you look into your crystal ball and tell me what’s going to happen in this contest?

I’m going to win. Nah, just kidding. I’m just taking it heat by heat, and hopefully I’ll get some good draws.

Where you off to after this?

I just got back from the Mentawais and after this, on Tuesday, I’m going to Samoa for a Transworld SURF trip.

Who going?

Me, Tanner and Pat Gudauskas, Travis Mellem and Torrey Meister. I haven’t gone on a trip with really any of those guys, so I’ll be really stoked, and I hope we bond.

Alright, before you go do want to pollute the internet with any last words?

I’d like to thank Oakley, of course, they’ve helped me out so much. Actually, today it was all about my board. Steve Boyson is my shaper, and he shaped me this weird one. He actually changed it around and went back to his old-school shaping ways. Its been working really good in these conditions, the waves are epic.