Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch Applies to Open Year-round to the Public

You could be surfing Kelly Slater's wave pool in the very near future.

The next phase for Kelly Slater’s wave pool has become evident. According to a story by The Sentinel, the Kelly Slater Wave Company has filed an application this summer with Kings County in Lemoore, California to be open to the public year-round, to hold events, to put in bleachers and more.

The new conditional use application filed this summer states:

“Operations under this SRCUP will permit up to six events per calendar year, including recreational and competitive surfing events and ancillary music performances during a two-to-four day period (i.e. Thursday through Sunday evening). Event operation time will be from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Attendance is estimated to be up to 8,000 guests per day, over a two-to-four day period. Temporary bleachers, sound equipment and lighting equipment may be setup for events and live music performances. Parking will be provided on site during the events. Contracted services will include traffic control, security, temporary lighting, potable water, portable toilets, wash stations and trash services for each event.”

While Kelly Slater nor the Kelly Slater Wave Company have said anything publicly about these plans, it’s evident this is the next move for the Surf Ranch. The KS Wave Co.’s Florida plan is still stalled, having faced local opposition. But there have been no updates on that project proposal since this spring.

So we very well could be seeing Slater’s original wave pool location being the first public pool Slater ends up offering. Stay tuned for more details as more news about the application comes out.

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