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This August, the International Olympic Committee will decide whether or not to include surfing in the Tokyo 2020 summer Olympics.

While a lot has to go right, Kelly Slater said that if he isn’t injured, he would be willing to compete in the games at age 48.

“If we finally do get into the Olympics, and I’m physically fine, if I don’t have injuries and I get chosen by the States to surf in that, it'd be a huge honor,” he said during an interview for In Depth with Graham Bensinger, which will air this weekend. “I think, especially at that age, it would be a huge honor.”

Five sports are being considered by the Olympics committee, including karate, baseball/softball, skateboarding and sport climbing.

There is no limit to the amount of sports that can be added.

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One of the major considerations for including surfing is whether to hold the contest in natural waves in the ocean or in a man-made wave pool.

Slater said he supports the wave-pool option because it would allow exact start times and there would be guaranteed good waves.

“You can have exact start times, and you know how to control your field and that kind of thing … The summer time in Japan can have really slow surf or no surf. It would be really interesting if a wave pool was a way to display surfing the first time in the Olympics,” Slater said.

Late last year, he announced he has created what many call the best man-made wave ever.

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