At just 25, professional surfer Kai Lenny is the jack-of-all-trades on any style of watercraft. From hydrofoiling to big-wave surfing to kitesurfing, Lenny excels on just about any type of board and in all types of conditions.

Lenny’s most recent vlog of his time on the North Shore of Oahu this winter features an incredibly difficult frontside air at an outer break off Haleiwa. And what’s more, he does it on his kitesurfing board during a tow-in session.

The full episode of the vlog can be seen over on Lenny’s YouTube channel, and it gives an intimate look into a window of his time on the North Shore this winter.

This inverted air is really something though, as you can hear his (and the filmer’s) excitement when he finally nails it. It merely reinforces Lenny’s versatility as a surfer – and overall waterman – in all conditions.

Keep in mind that leading up to the recent Nazaré Challenge, Lenny was at the top of the Big Wave Tour rankings. There aren’t many surfers out there who can say that and also throw airs like this one on a kitesurfing board.

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