Let’s face it: Kai Lenny is the type of talent that can surf anything well. The 24-year-old has excelled in big and small waves, riding everything from hydrofoils to kitesurfing boards — plus everything in between.

There isn’t a wave or type of board in the world that Lenny can’t ride well. And this seems to be the focus of his upcoming film with Red Bull. Entitled “Paradigm Lost,” it looks to explore how the young surfer is breaking down the definition of what it means to be a surfer.

Filmed over three years, “Paradigm Lost” looks to change the notion of compartmentalizing wave riders based on what type of craft they are riding. This has always been a barrier that has needed breaking down in water sports, as longboarders are seen one way, paddleboarders another, big-wave surfers a particular way and so on.

Lenny clearly wants to make the statement that a wave rider can be every single one of those things; it just depends on what the ocean is doing at that moment. Featuring the likes of fellow talented wave riders like Kelly Slater, Albee Layer, John Florence, Matt Meola, Jamie O’Brien and others, “Paradigm Lost” is going to be a surf movie you don’t want to miss.

The film is set to premiere in Maui on Sept. 22 (you can order tickets here) and has a limited tour planned for the rest of this fall.

Kai Lenny showing off his abilities on big waves.

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