Continuing his theme of ‘doing things most others can’t do in the water’, Kai Lenny recently tried river surfing for the first time. But of course, he had to do it in the way only he knows how: hydrofoil river surfing.

Lenny spent Memorial Day on the Lochsa River in Idaho getting his hydrofoil on. Certainly one who excels in all realms of water activities, Lenny gushed over the prospects of hydrofoil river surfing on Instagram:

“There is such a huge potential for Hydrofoil surfing in rivers. The standing waves that you just can’t quite surf for their lack of steepness will be perfect for it. After my first experience doing it, I’m amped to come back with a modified design and see where I can take it!”

Despite breaking his ankle earlier this spring, Lenny seems to handle the hydrofoil river surfing alright in these photos. This comes after Lenny created the boogie foil to keep him in the ocean.

There’s certainly no limit to what or where Lenny is going to be doing some aspect of hydrofoiling.

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