Huntington Beach, Calif. (June 22, 2010)—Quiksilver crowned Hawaii's Josh Moniz 2010 'King of the Groms' regional west coast winner in Huntington Beach yesterday in a competition that saw some massive wave destruction by forty-eight of the top groms in the west.  In addition to winning the title and a $400 cash prize, Josh will also be going on an all-expense paid trip to the Quiksilver Pro France to compete in the Global King of the Groms Championships this September.

"Winning the King of the Groms feels super good," says Josh. "I didn't think I was going to able to win it, so I'm super stoked! I’m really excited to be going to France and I'll be bringing my dad."

Josh carries an assortment of man-sized maneuvers, no doubt inherited from his father, former professional surfer Tony Moniz.  He made his presence felt with a recipe of solid surfing, which started with pulling down two back-to-back skins. Going after his third skin, Josh unleashed a combination of carves and crushing top turns, netting a 7.83 which he followed up with a straight seven to secure his fourth skin.

The competition was held during a long period south swell and short interval west wind swell, and saw some great surfing all day. Andrew Jacobson, the 2009 defending King of the Groms champion took home one skin in round one, but failed to advance in his next heat. Oahu's Seth Moniz (Josh's brother) and Huntington Beach local and Quiksilver rider Kanoa Igarashi looked like frontrunners, both nailing two skins each. Another Huntington Beach local boy, Jack Boyes, pulled down one skin before the round was reversed, and he matched the two-skin total of Moniz and Igarashi, but could not win another.

Other notable standouts included three Kauai'ian surfers. Jesse Guglielmana lofted a solid frontside air reverse on the outside for a perfect 10 point ride, pulling down a new snowboard for winning the "Lib Tech Maneuver' portion of the event in addition to a $250 cash prize for capturing the "DC Shoes Highest Score" award.  The next best scores in the event went to Koa Smith, who scored a 7.83 on his forehand for showing speed where there was none – throwing buckets and throwing tail in the shore break – and Kaoli Kahokuloa, who nailed a solid 7.5 for some big forehand turns on the outside and a nice air revo in the shore break.


Josh Moniz-                 $400
Seth Moniz-                 $200
Kanoa Igarashi-           $200
Jesse Guglielmana-    $200
Jack Boyes-                  $200
Kalani David-               $200
Kane Daily-                  $100
Luke Hitchcock-          $100
John Mel-                    $100
Colin Moran-              $100
Andrew  Jacobson-    $100
Pat Curren-                 $100
Koa Smith-                  $100
Cole Yamakawa-        $100
Kaoli Kahokuloa-       $100
Breiden Meithers-    $100

DC Highest Score

Jesse Guglielmana-  $250

Lib Tech Most Radical Maneuver

Jesse Guglielmana- Lib Tech Snowboard

Makita Tools "You've Got Work To Do" Award

Matthew Aubrey- New orbital sander & grinder

Next stop will be the King of Groms Global Championships, which will run in conjunction with the ASP World Championship Tour Quiksilver Pro France this September 25th – October 6th, 2010, where groms from Brazil, Tahiti, Europe, the U.S. and other countries throughout the world will compete.

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