Did you know there are 25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean?

This fact comes from a new video by Dan Mace. The video centers around the Let’s Talk Trash campaign aimed at changing the conversation about pollution. For this video he wanted to convey the simple idea that trash should always make it into trash cans.

So he employed the help of his friend and fellow South African, professional surfer Jordy Smith. And the plan was to get Smith to do an air into a giant trash can in the ocean, showing that if he can launch into a trash can while surfing, then our trash should easily be able make it into a trash can any time.

The first difficulty in achieving this challenge was building a giant floating trash can. Which they achieved. The second difficult task was getting it into the ocean, which they achieved despite a few hiccups. And after a good portion of the day, things finally lined up and Smith performed what we’re guessing is the first trash can air in the history of surfing.

“To be honest, it’s pretty saddening when you’re paddling back out and you see tons of liter in the ocean,” Smith says. “The ocean is something that’s really really dear to me, it’s basically given me my whole life. I don’t have a solution but I know there’s a need for change. Therefore I’m here to inspire a conversation.”

Jordy Smith performing a “trash can air.”

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