While the article doesn't exactly say so, reading in between the lines it sounds like Mavericks Pioneer Jeff Clark was asked to step down, or did so on his own, after he "asked Maverick’s fans to help foot the $30,000 bill" from a hip procedure he said was a result of surfing Mavericks all these years. Personally, I've been a little skeptical of the contest since it got all corpo and was taken over by Mavericks Surf Ventures. That said, who's going to run the show now? Keir Beadling?

Jeff Clark

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Pioneering big wave surfer Jeff Clark (above) will no longer be the one giving the Maverick’s Surf Contest the green light.

Thirty-five years after he discovered the heaving surf break off the coast of Half Moon Bay, Clark is out as contest director, according to the company that owns the event. He will no longer be charged with the task of surveying weather conditions, swells and tides and deciding whether they will ultimately combine to create contest-worthy waves.

“Maverick’s truly belongs to everyone, so we’re looking forward to democratizing the contest direction process,” Keir Beadling, CEO for contest organizer Mavericks Surf Ventures, said in a statement. “Studying the seasonal swell patterns and when to call the surfers is no small responsibility. We’re excited to pass the torch to the next generation of Maverick’s enthusiasts to assure the contest’s continued success.”

Clark recently underwent a procedure to take care of chronic hip problems he believes were caused by surfing and asked Maverick’s fans to help foot the $30,000 bill. Whether Clark chose to step down is unclear. Clark could not be reached to comment Monday.

Reached via e-mail Monday, Beadling could not say whether a single person or a group would replace Clark as contest director, nor if the director would continue to have the final say on whether the contest could be run. He said the contestants will be key in deciding the future of the position.

Clark will remain on the contest board of directors.