The Wedge in Newport Beach is a beach break popular with bodysurfers, bodyboarders and skimboarders.

This weekend surfer Jamie O’Brien took it to a whole new level when he and his friends took a giant blowup inner-tube out to the break for a new installment of his series “Who is JOB?“.

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They also took out some boogie boards, soft tops, skim boards and even a blowup goose on Thursday.

While it looked like the guys had a great time, we can only imagine what some of the locals must’ve thought of their antics.

😂 party wave with the boys today at the Wedge ~ #whoisjob 6.0 @redtide83 @poopiesgram 📸 @mikelucas09

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The new episode isn’t out yet but local surf photographer Mike Lucas caught all the action over the weekend.

One of the soft tops of choice O’Brien is riding in the video is a Catch Surf Skipper.

It’s a shortboard with a quad-fin setup.

While soft tops are usually only used for learning to surf, O’Brien has been using them more and more in big waves, including at heavy spots like Pipeline and Jaws.

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