When trying to trace the lineage of Kalani Robb’s fast and powerful approach to riding waves, most would draw a line to tough, heavy-footed Hawaiian surfers like Sunny Garcia. But while Garcia and his ilk influenced Robb’s surfing, his greatest inspiration is the grace, fluidity and kindness of Makaha’s own Rell Sunn.

In this episode of “Island Pride,” Robb discusses why Sunn is seen as the patron saint of surf style in Hawaii. Robb shares how Sunn’s poise and grace (both in and out of the water) have had a tremendous impact on not just his surfing but his and his fellow Hawaiians’ lifestyle too.

“Island Pride” is a series focusing on the unique styles, colorful characters and aloha spirit that have defined Hawaiian surfing and inspired generations of Hawaiian surfers. Check out the previous episode of “Island Pride,” featuring how Hawaiian stylemaster Larry Bertlemann has influenced Cliff Kapono.

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