Interview Of The Week: Ry Craike

Ry Craike

Age: 20

Height: 5′ 10

Weight: 75 kilos

Sponsors: Quiksilver, Electric, Boost Mobile, Base Surfboards

Hometown: Kalbarri, Western Australia

Coming out of the far reaches of Kalbarri, West Oz, meet Ry Craike. “Craikey as he’s lovingly referred to, is one hell of a guy. He surfs with his “Old Boy daily, rips at ping-pong, can text message faster than humanely possible, and to boot, is one of the stars of the insane new movie “Young Guns 2. To say the least, the twenty-year-old goofyfoot has been blowing up.

In town for the US Open, Ry and his lovely girlfriend stopped by the TransWorld SURF office and we went out for some grub and a quick chat at the end of the Oceanside Pier. Craikey, being an avid fisherman, was stoked on the dudes pulling in little fish off the end of the pier. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get him to pose with a mackerel.

TransWorld SURF: I met you down in Tahiti earlier this year and you said it was your first time there. What did you think about the place?

Ry Craike: I thought it was sick, but the whole time I was there it was small, it rained and the wind was onshore. I definitely want to go back there and surf Chopes–it’s the wave of a lifetime.

So, what are you doing here in the good ol’ USA?

I came here to do some promo stuff for Quik, I’m surfing in the US Open, and in the juniors event (…Lost Pro Junior).

So you’re surfing in the Us Open and the …Lost Pro Junior?

Yeah (pronounced really slow like ‘yeeaah’). If I get knocked out in one, I got the other one to get knocked out of (laughs).

I’ve heard people say that West Oz is like California 50, 60 years ago. Whaddya reckon?

Yeah, I guess. They’re both on the west side of the country, you know (laughs)? No, it is. The countryside looks the same, not a lot of big trees.

Where is Kalbarri?

Kalbarri is six hours north of Perth. It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I love it up there; there are such good waves.

I hear Quiksilver has a house up in Huntington. Who’s staying there and what’s that scene like?

At the moment, it’s just me, my girlfriend, Julian (Wilson) and Clay (Marzo). But I think there are about ten more fifteen-year-old grommets coming any day. It’s like half clean now, but it’s gonna be like a bomb exploded when they all come (laughs). It should be interesting.

My brother told me that you’re quite the ping-pong player and you always play with, what do you call your dad? Your “Old Boy?

Yeah, me and my Old Boy pretty much play a game of pong every night. We play for slaps. You know, when you lose the other guy turns his back against the other end of the table and the other guy hits the ball at him–it leaves the biggest welt!

He tows you in and stuff, too, doesn’t he?

Yeah, he surfs way more than I do. He pretty much goes out in the morning and does tows-in all day. Ever since we got the Jet Ski he’s frothed out. He can do airs and big hacks and stuff now because he’s strapped in, he loves it, it’s so sick.

I’ve also heard about your legendary text messaging skills. How did you get so fast?

Probably because (turns to girlfriend), Casey, how long did we go out for?

Casey: Two years, Ry.

Yeah, we lived like eight hours apart for two years and wrote a million text messages a day. When I’m driving, I can do it without even looking at my phone. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, though!

What was it like flying around on those scooters in Rome during Drive Thru Europe?

That was so sick! I was way too scared to ride on myself though, so I jumped on the back of one with Pat O’Connell driving. That was probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever done. We were just mangled and we had these matching jumpsuits on, so classic. I’m so surprised we didn’t get thrown in jail because we pretty much turned that place upside down.

It seems to me that you’re signature move is thhose huge frontside air-reverses; I’ve even heard Kelly Slater rave about them. How could you teach a guy like me to do that?

Just practice really. Where I live, there are only left-handers, so I only go left. There’re really good waves for airs, and its pretty much good everyday so you can practice that kind of stuff. That’s probably the main thing–just having the right wave to do ’em.

Sweet as Ry! Good luck in the comps and let me know what’s going on in your neck of the woods when you get home.

Yeah, thanks mate, will do.