This is difficult to write. Last year I got involved with a cause called Pipeline To A Cure. Basically, it's an annual event that raises money and awareness for the fight against Cystic Fibrosis. I got involved with this cause for two reasons. One, I learned that the act of surfing was actually prolonging the lives of the children affected by CF, and through surfing, medical researchers have been figuring out ways to use saltwater mist to help CF sufferers breath better. The saline from the saltwater was helping free up the mucus in the lungs of CF patients, and essentially letting them live better lives. CF isn't something you catch, you are born with it and it's a death sentence—most children with CF do not make it to adulthood and there is no cure. The surfing element got my attention, and the fact that it helps ease the pain of CF patients made me realize I needed to be involved. The second reason I got involved was by through meeting Emily Haager. This young woman who had been fighting CF her whole life touched my heart and inspired me with her courage and fearlessness. I've never met a person with such a fighting spirit in the face of such horrifying circumstances. She will always live in my heart and in the heart of the people she touched. We will miss you Emily, your life work will not be forgotten and we will carry on.—Chris Cote

Go to pipelinetoacure.com/2010/index.php for photos and video celebrating Emily Haager's fight against CF.

Here's a letter from Emily's family…

To Members of the Southern California CF Board of Directors & Guild members:

Many of you are already aware but for those of you who are not, Emily Haager, our Ambassador for the Pipeline to a Cure event lost her battle with CF Saturday, May 1st.  She peacefully went to a place without CF, a place where she can run, surf and breathe without worry.  Emily lived her life exuding love and grace, impacting everyone who ever met her.  As Ambassador for Pipeline to a Cure, Emily seemed to blaze her own path with an energy and enthusiasm all her own.

The memorial service for Emily is as follows:
•    Saturday, May 8th – 11:00 am
First Christian Church
1207 Main Street
Huntington Beach

In lieu of flowers – the family has asked for contributions to be made in Emily's name to the Pipeline to a Cure event.  If you would like to send a card to her family the address is:
•    The Haagar Family (Steve, Diane & Julia)
•    21536 Carriso Road
•    Diamond Bar, CA 91765-2703

As always, thanks so much to each of you for your ongoing support.  It means so much to all of us!