Ian Walsh in Fiji. Photo: Bielmann

Ian Walsh in Fiji. Photo: Bielmann

Ian Walsh Teams Up With goFlow Surf App

I had an interesting conversation with Maui's Ian Walsh last night. He's teamed up with the folks from goFlow to help them with an app that allows surfers worldwide to share photos, get surf reports, and find good surf. To me it seemed like they had meshed text messaging, Instagram, Facebook, and Stormsurf (a surf forecasting site) into one neat package. Think about it: you check your local spot and it's shitty. First thing you do is ring your buddy who lives half an hour south for the report, "How is it down there bro?" "Aww man, you should have been here yesterday!" he claims. It's like that kind of communication but worldwide and much more accurate.

"My biggest take out of it is this: I follow swells all over the world and a lot of times you're deciding between two places to go. Like, a big swell is hitting Indo, do I go north or south? Well you gotta pull the trigger on one of them, and what this app does is give you a look at real time photos of both places. From there, you make the call as to where to go," says Ian.

What I like about the app is that it makes a confusing (for me) site like Stormsurf completely understandable to the layman. For instance, I have no idea what isobars and barometric pressure do to swells, but because they've basically dumbed it down, someone who's not a meteorologist can figure out what the hell is going on. We're going to download it now, stay tuned for feedback and see below for more information…

Press release: Big wave surfer Ian Walsh joins goFlow Surf to bring the future of surf discovery and community to the world in one connected platform for today's surfers

Malibu, CA – February 6, 2014 – Maui big wave rider Ian Walsh joins goFlow Surf– the mobile platform for surfers to share and discover real time wave and weather conditions, to help build a more connected global community of surfers. Ian is always in search of the next big swell, and goFlow's main mission is to help surfers quickly find their perfect wave so they can spend less time on land and more time where they want to be—in the water.

Ian dedicates a large part of his time tracking large swells and weather conditions across the globe with the expertise of Stormsurf, goFlow's swell forecasting partner. Ian brings extensive knowledge as a big wave and global surfer to goFlow and the future development of the app.

With goFlow's mobile smartphone app, surfers can easily discover where the best waves are breaking nearby or around the globe, through real time user generated surf reports and photos that can be posted by a user's private group of friends or from the goFlow community feed. Additionally, the app has GPS enabled mapping and Stormsurf powered swell forecasts.

Surfers can sign in, and quickly start connecting with friends on the app, creating private groups, tagging their favorite surf spots around the world, checking out real time photo updates from friends, and monitor current conditions such as swell size, tides, weather, wind, sunrise and sunset times in goFlow's social surf feed. They can also follow top surfers like Ian to stay up to date on his surfing pursuits, and post their goFlow updates directly to Facebook.

The goFlow button at the bottom of the screen allows users to snap a photo of their current surf spot, rate the conditions including how crowded it is, the size of the waves, local wind, leave notes for friends searching to paddle out and give it a thumbs up, thumbs down or even shaka if it's pumping.

goFlow also creates a surfer's log for the user, recording their data input for every session, paddle out, favorite spots, friends and followers. Admin tools enable the surfer to make certain information public or private, so they can exclusively share the perfect break with their inner circle or post it to the global goFlow community.

goFlow is a social app built for surfers by surfers, dedicated to helping the community connect and collaborate with each other about what they care about most—finding good waves. goFlow is revolutionizing wave hunting, empowering surfers to connect and create a curated feed of surf reports they care about. After all, the best information comes from the surfers at the beaches.

"For years I’ve been thinking about a better and more reliable way to get local surf reports." Says Ian. "Usually I just call friends to see where they surfed and how it was and go based on who I trust most. Then I came across goFlow and it was essentially that. It allows me to see where my friends have been surfing and how good it was in one easy step. It really makes checking the surf as easy checking your Instagram!"

Founder of goFlow and former competitive surfer, Roni Eshel says, "I spent most of my time traveling and searching for perfect waves. I used all of the platforms that existed out there, but I often got frustrated when the conditions didn't match the forecast. Teaming up with Ian to help develop the goFlow app, brings a new level of wave hunting expertise to the platform. Together it is our goal to create one platform that enables surfers worldwide to share and discover the best waves in real time." Said Roni Eshel, Founder of goFlow.

To follow Ian Walsh on goFlow and check out his surf reports, download the goFlow app today on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id599718642?mt=8. (Android version coming in early 2014.)

-Social Surf Feed: "eye witness" surf reports from your friends and fellow surfers around the globe
-Curate your feed – switch between friends view, follow people, nearby spots, and the world
-Post a surf report in less than 12 seconds
-Easily share your surf reports via Facebook, email or text message
-Rate the surf conditions (fun level, wind conditions, how crowded it is, size of wave etc. You can also leave notes for your friends who might be looking to paddle out)
-Control the privacy of your surf report between your friends or the global goFlow community
-Tag your favorite spots (get notification when your favorite spot is on fire)
-Surf Log: Tracks the last time you went surfing, the number of outings and locations where you paddled out, your notes on each trip, your friends and followers, and all your surf reports and photos in one place.
-Smart surf: goFlow's algorithm compiles the surfer's preference data to display relevant surf reports based on wave conditions, friend recommendations, distance to the beach and more
-Surf, weather and marine forecast for every spot on the globe, powered exclusively by Stormsurf
-GPS enabled driving directions to the beach

goFlow is the mobile platform for surfers worldwide to share and discover real time wave and weather conditions. www.goflow.me

Ian Walsh, one of the world's top big wave surfers has been spending the better part of the past fifteen years chasing big wave swells across the globe. Ian has honed his skills on the North Shore of Maui towing in and pioneering the paddle-­‐in-­‐movement at the famed Pe'Ahi (JAWS). Ian is at the forefront of the new guard of fearless big wave surfers traveling the world on a mission to find the biggest waves they can surf.

Stormsurf is the leader in high-­‐fidelity big wave surf forecasts and global marine weather, and has its own proprietary formulas to calculate surf size and swell arrival time. stormsurf.com