While many lament the demise of film photography (this writer included), the technologies that bring photos to life digitally are getting more and more incredible on a daily basis — plus, film photography is still alive and well. But digital photography has certainly pushed the evolution of photographic capabilities to points film couldn’t on its own.

Take for instance, these animated photos of waves by surf photographer Ray Collins. He teamed up with animator Armand Dijcks who turned some iconic photos by Collins into cinemagraphs. The result is truly hypnotizing.

As Dijcks says in the description for the video, “Over the past months I’ve been working with Australian photographer Ray Collins to bring his amazing oceanscapes to life in the form of cinemagraphs, a blend between photography and video. Each cinemagraph is created from one of Ray’s stills, and sets it in infinite motion, making a unique moment in time last forever.”

But that wasn’t enough to create this mind-altering video, as André Heuvelman from the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra to got together with pianist Jeroen van Vliet to create this custom soundtrack just for these waves.

Seeing the cinemagraphs themselves helps the video make more sense, and both are truly spectacular and certainly a good reason to stare at a screen for hours upon hours. Just be careful not to fully lose yourself into a time warp by staring at them for too long.

You can check out the full collaboration of cinemagraph waves by Collins and Dijcks here.

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