Hurricane Sandy Surf Batters The East Coast

Dubbed "Frankenstorm" after teaming up with a system out of the north, Hurricane Sandy has been decimating the East Coast of America. Size-wise, it's the largest storm ever to hit the USA and people from Maryland to Maine are being evacuated. Millions of people will go without electricity and dozens have already perished as it steamrolled through the Caribbean. For surfers, hurricanes like Sandy are a catch-22, the waves are great and all but the toll on life and property is nothing to celebrate.

Sandy is forecasted to make landfall on the New Jersey shore this evening, and the surge is expected to top 11-feet in surroundng areas including New York City. Our thoughts are with those who's property and lives are in danger. Be safe out there! Above is a gallery from instagram that was hash-tagged #sandyswell and below are a few videos we rounded up off youtube and vimeo…
Hurricane Sandy in Rodanthe, North Carolina.

Firing in Florida! Check the 2:20 mark for some Kelly Slater tow in action.

Hurricane Sandy in Florida.

Hurricane Sandy in the Bahamas.

Kelly Slater Hurricane Sandy

Kelly Slater surfing in Florida during Hurricane Sandy.