The coastal communities of New Jersey and New York are currently facing the most daunting task in recent history—trying to pick up the pieces of their lives, homes, and businesses after Hurricane Sandy tore everything down. Adding insult to injury—the first major winter storm of the season is unleashing snow, whipping winds, and freezing air on the area—threatening more lives and hindering the clean up efforts. So please, if you can, spare a few minutes and donate to the Waves for Water Hurricane Relief Initiative by clicking right here.

A few words from Jon Rose:

Waves for Water has coordinated a full-fledged Hurricane Relief Initiative in response to Super Storm Sandy—a late season and incredibly strong Hurricane that has absolutely decimated the North Eastern seaboard.

Though we normally focus on clean water, this time we will be addressing the initial survival needs on many levels from first responder assistance to rubble removal and ultimately the rebuilding efforts. We have extensive experience with disaster relief that puts us in a unique position to help organize, mobilize and deploy a strategic response initiative for the victims of Sandy.

We will be focusing primarily on the surf-based coastal communities in Jersey and NY to start. We look at W4W effort specifically as a vessel for the surf community to funnel their support through—addressing the families and businesses of the surf communities that were wiped out.

W4W will serve as a bridge connecting the global surf community directly to our brothers and sisters in need along the East Coast that have been the pillars of their community for generations. It'll be a long road—but one foot in front of the other, we will get there…

My hope is that we, as a collective, will all look back in a few years and know that we came together for the greater good, and that we made a REAL measurable impact in the recovery.

More on How to Help Hurricane Sandy Relief and Recovery Efforts

Donate Food and Supplies

You Give Goods: Support an existing food drive or create your own, and purchase needed goods easily online.

Food Bank for New York City: Accepting food and donations to distribute critical food supplies to soup kitchens, food pantries, and senior centers. Collecting non-perishable food donations, such as cereal, canned fruits and vegetables, peanut butter and water.

Community FoodBank of New Jersey: Sends ready-to-eat meals and water to shelters in the areas affected by the hurricane. In addition to monetary support, it is accepting donations of canned tuna, peanut butter, granola bars, diapers, and baby food.

Occupy Sandy Relief: A coordinated relief effort dedicated to implementing aid and establishing hubs for neighborhood resource distribution in affected areas.

Donate Time

HandsOn Network: An expansive database of organizations with which you can volunteer to aid in the rescue and relief of communities in the Northeastern US.

NYC Service: An organization that can match you with organizations in New York City that are assisting with the relief efforts.

Jersey Cares: Register to help in the coming weeks as projects request volunteers. Water, blankets and non-perishable food will likely be requested in the days to come.

Donate Money

Save the Children – Hurricane Sandy Children in Emergency Fund: Distributing hygiene kits, warm clothing, blankets, baby cribs, and baby food. The organization also sets up "child-friendly" areas in the shelters where kids can play and recover from emotional distress. Text HURRICANE to 20222 to donate $10 to Hurricane Sandy Relief.

Waves for Water – Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative: Organizing and mobilizing a strategic response initiative for the victims of Hurricane Sandy from first responder assistance to rubble removal and ultimately the rebuilding efforts.

GlobalGiving – Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund: Supporting disaster recovery and relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in the Caribbean islands and the US. Initial funds will help victims get necessary supplies including food, fuel, clean water, hygiene products, and shelter. Text SANDY to 80088 to donate $10 to Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.