Hurley | Rip My Shred Stick | Tour Update #3


The beautiful town of Narragansett, Rhode Island hosted stop number 18 of the Rip My Shred Stick Summer Tour in some fun waves and perfect conditions. On hand to have some fun with the Hurley pros were 45 of Rhode Island and Connecticut’s most fun-having young surfers. We had everything from first-timers throwing shakas all the way into the beach, to red hot rippers going for board transfers and noserides. Congrats to everyone on a job well done and a big thanks to Warm Winds and the town of Narragansett for showing us such a great time!

Final results:

1. Francesca Pisanzio
2. Sage Tisdale
3. Aden Wilson
4. Sydney Boss
5. Andrew Simson
6. Shawn Makenzie
7. Honor Reilly
8. Spencer Lord


Pt. Pleasant, New Jersey greeted us with some non-surfable conditions at sunrise, but it didn’t stop all the groms down at the beach from having a good time. As we waited for the tide to drop, the kids competed in paddle board races, slip ‘n’ slide sliding, wheel barrel racing, dance-offs, corn dog contests and sandcastle building, which all made for some great laughs and good times. Once the tide dropped out and the waves improved all the kids took to the water where even more fun was had, as the 35 competitors gave it a go on the Hurley INT soft tops with the Hurley pros. In the end, it was Kelley Oekers who took home the win (he seems somewhat pleased with his result in the photo above) and a new GoPro Hero 2 HD camera, Phantom Create boardshorts, Spy sunglasses and other goodies from Freestyle, Futures, Stance Socks, Watermans, Mophie and Transworld!


Stop number 16 of this year’s RMSS tour touched down in Ship Bottom, New Jersey for some good fun with 80 of the area’s best young surfers. Everyone snagged some amazing rides as they took the Hurley INT softtops out for spin with the Hurley pros. In the end it was the trio of Alli English, Brooke Kline and Gwyneth Constantino who finished in the top three spots. The best friends battled it out with some great dance moves and long rides all the way through into the shorebreak. Congrats to the girls and to all the other competitors on a job well done!

Final results:

1. Alli English
2. Brooke Kline
3. Gwyneth Constantino
4. AJ Erwin
5. Greg Osbourne
6. Jack Cosgrove


The first RMSS stop of New Jersey landed us in the beautiful coastal town of Margate City with Heritage Shop Shop. Also meeting us in Margate City was a playful swell and 60 excited groms. The judges had their hands full all day as kids gave it all they had and came up with some creative and funky maneuvers. Congrats to the talented dynamic duo who took home the big win as they tandem surfed their way to a new GoPro camera, Phantom Create boardshorts, Spy sunglasses and some other goodies from Freestyle, Futures Stance Socks, Transworld and Watermans!


1st Street Jetty, Virginia Beach blessed stop number 14 of the Rip My Shred Stick Tour with perfect conditions and one foot waves, which allowed for some seriously creative wave riding. The 85 competitors embraced the not-so-serious judging criteria as they took to the water on the Hurley INT softtops for some board transfers, shakas and silliness. The entertainment out in the water came to peak when the bonus round final featured some of the best rides we’ve seen this tour. Congrats to Simon Hetrick on the big win!

Final results:
1. Simon Hetrick
2. Ezra Snyder
3. Carly Grulich
4. Hunter Smith
5. Nick Copenhaver
6.Elizabeth Summer

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