Hurley Pro Lower Trestles Hype Reel

What: 2013 Hurley Pro
Where: Lower Trestles in northern San Diego County
When: September 15-21, 2013
Who: The ASP World Tour top 34 plus wildcards Dane Reynolds and Mitch Crews

Widely considered the most high performance wave on the World Tour, Lower Trestles will once again play host to the Hurley Pro in mid-September. And while upstarts like Kolohe Andino and Gabriel Medina will no doubt wow the crowds with their aerial based attack, oddsmakers have 41-year old Kelly Slater penned as the favorite. And they should--Slater has yet to show a chink in his armor and he’s been winning contests at Lowers since he was a teenager. If you can’t make it down to the beach for the contest, watch the live webcast at

2013 Hurley Pro Betting Odds from
Kelly Slater 3.00 to 1
Mick Fanning 7.00
John John Florence 9.00
Joel Parkinson 9.00
Jordy Smith 11.00
Taj Burrow 15.00
Adriano De Souza 15.00
Josh Kerr 15.00
Nat Young 17.00
Julian Wilson 19.00
CJ Hobgood 21.00
Adrian Buchan 21.00
Gabriel Medina 26.00
Michel Bourez 34.00
Filipe Toledo 34.00
Kai Otten 41.00
Jeremy Flores 51.00
Fredrick Patacchia 51.00
Kolohe Andino 51.00
Brett Simpson 61.00
Sebastian Zeitz 67.00
Bede Durbidge 101.00
Matt Wilkinson 151.00
Damien Hobgood 151.00
Kieran Perrow 201.00
Yadin Nicol 201.00
Travis Logie 201.00
Miguel Pupo 201.00
Alejo Muniz 201.00
Adam Melling 251.00