WaveGarden technology in full flight. Photo Surf Snowdonia

WaveGarden technology in full flight. Photo: Courtesy of Surf Snowdonia

So just how much does it cost to ride perfect, machine-groomed artificial waves? Well, now we know, as Surf Snowdonia has released their pricing structure ahead of its opening in August. The center located in Wales will use the WaveGarden technology, the first to be open to the public.

The pricing varies by wave size, or level, and bundles and specials are available. At the beginner level, which features 2-foot-high whitewater waves, an hour will cost up to $60 at peak times. A family of four can also have a two-hour lesson for about $400.

For the intermediate or advanced wave, which the owners state will feature two identical, perfect waves breaking left and right for about 20 seconds, the cost goes up to $70 per hour. The cost does decrease if you buy bundles of hours; for example, 10 hours in the advanced wave will set you back $555, so $55 per hour rather than the $70.

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Of course, it all seems quite expensive, but surfers have always wondered just what they would be prepared to pay for a perfect wave. For those surfers in the UK, they are about to find out.

French surfer Justine Dupont tackles the WaveGarden technology in Spain. Photo by Billabong Europe

French surfer Justine Dupont tackles the WaveGarden technology in Spain. Photo: Courtesy of Billabong Europe

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