"The Hippy Dick is a journey," Paul Fisher tells GrindTV. "It started in the ocean and was conceived on land. It is more than just a surfboard in the shape of a penis." The man known as The Fish then laughs his trademark, ear-splitting cackle. The Californian-based Australian, ex-competitive-pro-surfer-turned-sponsored freesurfer and one half of the successful DJ duo Cut Snake is not known for his serious take on surfing.

His skits and interviews on his website, followthefish.com, have a huge following based on his irreverent take on the sport and its best athletes. "Surfing is supposed to be fun," he says, "and we don't ever see the humorous side of the sport. A lot of the surfers are really funny f&%$£ers, but they never get the chance to show it."

However, last year Fisher took his humor to a new, baser level with a surfboard made in the shape of a penis (and testicles.) Surprisingly, Fisher surfed the board quite well. "The Hippy Dick is closer to earth than the first Dick board," continues Fisher, tongue firmly in cheek. "It's organic, man—just wait till you see it."

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