Five years ago Tom Kay (Finisterre Founder) and Ernest Capbert (Marketing Director), decided to pile into a rented van and head to London's Heathrow Airport to pick up Carlos Burle one of the world's finest big wave riders.  'We were pretty green back then, we didn't know Carlos, nor did he know us – we both left it is all to intuition and chance", remarks Ernest Capbert.  Five years later, Finisterre and Carlos have one of the most unique and personal relationships between athlete and brand.

The seasoned big rider is more than competent paddling in to the world's most extreme waves, and towing in when conditions max out. With countless seasons under the belt in Hawaii – the proving ground of the world's best, and competition wins at Mavericks and Todos Santos, Carlos Burles surfing has proved to be a force to be reckoned with. However Burle has moved past the typical competition spectacle, instead working on the deeper ambition of surfing his way through some of the world's most challenging waves and passing on to others his knowledge of the ocean and a deep respect for the environment. An ambition and mission Finisterre is proud to be part of.

The last few years have seen a great relationship go from strength to strength, as Carlos and Finisterre pushed a cold water frontiers trip to the rugged West Coast of Ireland, where the team put together the Finisterre's documentary 'Beef or Salmon'. Since this promising beginning, the guys in St.Agnes have been left in disbelief when the photos, videos and news heads down the wires to Cornwall.

"Carlos continuously keeps us on our toes; we live through his experiences, the good and bad ones. Sometimes they just leave us speechless", said Marketing Director Ernest Capbert. The specific incidents in question, have involved Carlos going over the falls on a Jet Ski during a tow in session with long time tow partner Maya Gabriela and some sustained injuries from heavy wipeouts at Mavericks.

But from knockdown to comeback, horrific wipe-out to once in a decade waves – Carlos is still pushing boundaries and has cemented his place in surfing history as one of the most respected big wave riders of the generation. A core achievement for a non Hawaiian from a humble background in Brazil. With the start of a fresh season in Hawaii, Carlos is excited to be back. "I love this place. I’ve been coming here 24 years straight, since my first season on the Islands in 1986/87. This year with the el-nino back on the weather pattern, expectation for big swells is extremely high"

Add this to the up and coming Maverick contest and an invitation to the Eddie Aikau. Finisterre is following closely on what Burle will pull out of the bag next.  "It was Carlos' birthday this past weekend, simply wanted to wish the guy the happiest belated birthday, he's been an inspiration and close friend to us all here at Finisterre", said Finisterre's founder, Tom Kay.—Stuart Gooding

Finisterre is a small and exclusive brand located on the cliffs of Northern Cornwall, pioneering in the areas of sustainability and technical apparel for the surfer. For more information, check the Finisterre website and blog.