For over 10 years, Grain Surfboards has provided surfers with an option for sustainability in their wooden surfboard kits. They’ve also hosted endless board building classes, seminars and festivals to celebrate the community they have created on a small rural farm in York, Maine.

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But their landlord recently informed them that they need to vacate the warehouse and plot of land they lease. They have been told they need to be out by June, which is no small task while trying to also find a new permanent location.

So they have launched an Indiegogo campaign that aims to help them accomplish this. They have recently found the warehouse and plot of land they are aiming to purchase, which is even closer to the beach in York.

“So the challenge we’re facing – and the one we need your help with — is to secure a new home for Grain Surfboards that will allow us to keep sharing board building with all comers, to keep building beautiful, graceful things of wood, and to put ourselves in a position to keep hosting the Surf Re-Evolution event year after year.”

Offering rewards like a maple syrup care package, an invite to the new shop party and even the chance to design your own shape to add to the Grain Surfboards lineup, there are plenty of ways to help these wonderful humans out.

Check out the Indiegogo campaign here if you’d like to show your support.