Brazil’s first world champion surfer Gabriel Medina has been friends with Brazil’s biggest athlete Neymar Jr. for quite a while now. The two can usually be found hanging together whenever they both have time off from their respective sports.

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The duo got together over the holidays and partied on what we can assume is one of Neymar’s rather large yachts. And then it was time for Medina to do his thing on a board, wake surfing in the incredible wake the yacht produced.


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While Neymar and crew watched, Medina showed off a bit with a little Mario Kart sit-down style.

Mario Kart

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And of course, it wouldn’t be a party without Neymar passing Medina a beer and Medina taking it down while still wake surfing. Guess Brazil’s two biggest athletes are starting their own frat together or something. Then again, we’d probably do the same thing if we had access to a yacht that big …