Father's Day is this Sunday; a holiday wrought with clichés, bad gifts and grilling. Well, the last one we're all pretty much okay with, especially if it's a grill at a state park or beach house.

If your Dad surfs, he doesn’t want a tie for Father’s Day. Photo: Courtesy of Lance Asper/Unsplash

It's very likely that you haven't yet thought about what you'll do or get dear ol' Dad yet, and that's fine. But if your father's a surfer, here are a few new ideas to replace some of the traditional gestures of the past.

Bagels on Beach Instead of Breakfast in Bed

Mmmmm … bagels. Everything tastes better on the beach. Photo: Courtesy of Stas Ovsky/Unsplash

It doesn't have to be bagels.

Granola, egg burritos, avocado toast, acai bowls, donuts … whatever you want. But I can guarantee that if your pops is a wave rider, he'd rather not wait around while you burn the eggs when you could pack all the gear and grab breakie on your way to the beach. From Long Beach, California to Long Beach, Washington, to Long Beach, New York, your father would rather eat breakfast with his toes in the sand, after or before a session.

Clean Boards Instead of Clean Car

Dad can get his car washed in five minutes. Scrape the wax off his boards instead. Photo: Courtesy of Joey Pilgrim/Unsplash

Washing your dad’s car is nice, but cleaning up his boards is nicer.

Once you have kids, your quiver takes a backseat. Dings go unchecked and wax becomes a sandy mess. Kids might not want to tackle full ding repair without prior experience, but maybe put your dad's sticks in the sun for a few minutes after school this week and then scrape off the old wax. Buy a bottle of wax remover and give them a nice shining.

It takes ten minutes and $12 to get a car washed. He can't get his quiver cleaned for that. And just for good measure, clean all the old granola bar wrappers and juice boxes out of the back seat of his car.

Celebrate International Surf Day

The Surfrider Foundation’s International Surfing Day is the same weekend as Father’s Day. Coincidence? Maybe. Convenience? Yes. Photo: Courtesy of Surfrider

We're not really sure if International Surfing Day being the day before Father's Day is a coincidence or not, but it's certainly not the worst thing in the world if Dad surfs. The Surfrider Foundation is committed to protecting the ocean, our environment and beach access, year-round. ISD is a holiday to share and celebrate surfing and stoke.

This Saturday, the day before Father's Day, Surfrider chapters on both coasts, Hawaii and even the Great Lakes have parties, beach cleanups and surf sessions you can take part in with Pops.

Skip the Tie and Slipper Clichés

The Reef Draftsman. It has the bottle opener. What more do we need to say? Photo: Courtesy of Reef

To be fair, Hawaiians call flip flops slippers. So if you're Hawaiian, go ahead, get him slippers.

Generally, dads who surf don't want slippers. And while we're at it, they likely don't want a Williams Sonoma gift basket. They don't want some designer shave kit, cologne, or anything leather.

If your father is wave rider, he doesn't expect you to get him a Bing Pocketknife. But chances are that he's had those Reef Fannings with the bottle opener since before he had kids and lived in a sand filled surf ghetto apartment. Maybe get him a new pair of slaps (they still have the bottle opener.) Perhaps a new hoodie, backpack, or some dope new 12-way stretch boardshorts?

Spend Quality Time

All Dad really wants is to be in the water with his kids this Father’s Day. Photo: Filios Sazeides/Unsplash

The thing Dad wants more than anything this Father's Day is quality time with the two things he loves the most – his family and the ocean. Summer is finally here. Go surf with your Dad. Doesn't matter if the surf's junk or the water is cold. He wants to be in the water with his kids. If you can somehow manage to get his Dad to the beach or the BBQ after, you have given him the perfect day.

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