Five Flick Friday: 8/31

Cory Lopez: Costa Rica
Says his brother Shea: “Cory surfs for Cory; and A.I. now as well. Waves were meant to be ridden, and people like my brother see a way to ride them all.”

Sanuk Surf Squad: Iceland
Follow Brett Barley, Alek Parker, and Phillip Goold on an artic expedition, and “make winter your beach!”

Sterling Spencer and Warren Smith: Alabama
“We lived about a quarter mile off Route 17, about a half mile from the town of Greenbow, Alabama. That’s in the county of Greenbow. Our house had been in Momma’s family since her grandpa’s grandpa’s grandpa had come across the ocean about a thousand years ago. Something like that. Since it was just me and Momma and we had all these empty rooms, Momma decided to let those rooms out. Mostly to people passing through. Like from, oh, Mobile, Montgomery, place like that. That’s how me and Mommy got money. Momma was a real smart lady.”

Kolohe Andino: San Clemente
Kolohe hurt his ankle and thus spends his days rehabbing and posting photos of shadows on Instagram. But before his injury, he was doing this.

Nils Schweizer & Friends: Mexico
Nils is quietly charging the biggest waves Mexico can throw at him; a few of which can be seen in this edit.