Ozzie Wright’s Strange Brain
via Volcom: “It’s not a competition of who’s on the weirdest mission. It’s just a celebration of your mental calibration. Wavelengths flutter like a bird that’s stuck in butter. Felling gray matter with a stack of cruddy clutter.”
Producer: Matt Shuster

Behind the scenes with (super) Team Hurley. What’s this about John Florence and Taylor Swift? Please tell us more.

Tyler Wright: P-Pass
If there’s footage of a girl getting more barreled than this, we’d love to see it….
Via: Rip Curl

Evan Geiselman: Puerto Rico
A nice little package highlighting Evan’s run to the finals at the Rip Curl Pro.
Film/Edit: Michael Lopez

Ryan Briggs: Puerto Rico
Briggs didn’t make the final, but he certainly impressed during the freesurfs.