Eric Geiselman Lands The Cover Of TransWorld SURF


Eric Geiselman Punts A Stalefish, Gets A Cover

Just like Andrew Doheny, Wade Goodall, and Andy Irons, Eric Geiselman flew to Bali to finish up his part for the new TransWorld SURF flick, High Five. We knew we wanted to get a cover of one of the stars of the movie, so we sent a whole army of photogs to ensure a good crop of cover-worthy photos. When this Dave Nelson shot of Eric came in, it was immediately in the running for a cover, so, we called Eric to get more information, and see if it was a moment worthy of the most important page in the magazine, or should we say, on the outside of the magazine.

TransWorld SURF: So, Eric, we got a sick looking stalefish photo that Nelly shot; do you know what I'm talking about?

Eric Geiselman: Oh yeah, shot from the back. Yeah, Nelly showed it to me--I was pretty stoked on it--why do you ask?

Well, we liked it too. Where was that shot at?

Kerama's in Bali, it's basically the most rippable wave I've ever surfed. It's so sick. You drop in, get barreled, then you can come out and do huge airs--it's such a fun wave. Nelly was trying to get barrel shots and I kept trying to do airs, he actually got kind of bummed on me until he got this shot.

How come you did a stalefish and not a Kerrupt flip?

Ha ha, real funny. I'm sick of Kerrupts and you know that [laughs]. Stalefish's are sick. I've been seeing Kolohe and Julian Wilson trying a lot of them, and you got to keep up with the times right?

There were a lot of other pro surfers in Bali when you were there, how were the crowds?

Actually this day was mellow. It was just me, Ford, Andrew, Bud Frietas, and some of the local guys--still crowded and hard to catch waves, but nothing like when the whole Top 45 are out there.

Nice work getting the shot, how big should we run it?

As big as you can [laughs]!

You think it's a cover?

That would be great too--lets do it.

Alright Eric, you talked us into it, congrats on your first cover of TransWorld SURF, and congrats to Dave Nelson for always being in the right spot at the right time, making his crew work hard and get the shot!