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Eddie Rothman attacks the World Surf League—or the ASP, as it was known until a name change this year—in his latest clip. The Hawaiian hardman and Da Hui founder has made a series of serious allegations against surfing's governing body. One of 2014's biggest viral clips in surfing was Rothman's rant against the WSL. In that clip most of Rothman's anger was focused on the new format for the end-of-year Billabong Pipeline Masters.

Rothman's latest offering is a much bigger broadside against the WSL and its key personnel including Chief Executive Paul Speaker, Hawaii regional head Randy Rarick and Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer Graham Stapleberg. Rothman proposes a $50,000 lie detector challenge before making a range of allegations that include:

1) The ASP cut promised funds for the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout.

2) The ASP threatened the Hawaiian TV channel Oceanic Surf, telling them not to broadcast events involved with the Da Hui.

3) That Randy Rarick "worked feverishly to kill the Duke Kahanamoku Contest" and "stole a pure Hawaiian old lady's house for a quarter of the market value."

4) That Paul Speaker "bought the Big Wave World Tour just to bury it."

As founder of Hawaii's notorious blackshorts and active member of the Da Hui, Rothman has been antagonizing the sport's officialdom for a good 30 years, and this latest rant is destined to make front page surfing news. We await the WSL's response to both the allegations and offer of a lie detector challenge. If the challenge goes ahead, here's to hoping it's webcast live!

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