In a tragic and unfortunate turn of events, renowned surfer Adam Francis D’Esposito, 39, who went missing two weeks ago, has been found dead in Northern Baja, Mexico, according to the D’Esposito’s family. A local news channel has reported drowning as the cause of death.

Adam D'Esposito

Adam D’Esposito at Teahpoo. Photo: Courtesy of Humbert

An experienced surfer and waterman, D’Esposito was a common fixture at San Diego surf spots as well as in Tahiti and other heavy water lineups around the world. His fearless charging at Teahupo’o even garnered him a Wipeout of the Year nomination at the 2013 Surfer Poll Awards. He also walked away from a shark attack unscathed.

D’Esposito has been struggling with mental illness, which was apparently a factor in his disappearance, according to his family.

He was last seen at Campo Villa Lepro just south of Baja Malibu, Mexico on Sept. 11. Prior to the final reported sighting, he was seen barefoot and soaking wet while running south down a stretch of highway between Tijuana and Rosarito.

SURFER Magazine wishes peace and comfort to the D’Esposito family and friends of Adam during this hard and confusing time.

Below are the words of Adam’s sister, Briana, about her brother’s death.

Adam D'Esposito

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