Pro surfer Dane Reynolds

Since First Chapter won Best Surf Movie in 2006 there’s been high anticipation for Dane’s next movie project. First Chapter is still heralded as one of my personal favorite surf movies, so I’m pretty excited to see what Thrills, Spills, And Whatnot is all about. Check out the above trailer and Chris Cote’s exclusive review below after having seen a private screening a few weeks back. Stay tuned for more info on Thrills, Spills, And Whatnot as it becomes known to us.

Pro surfer Dane ReynoldsPro surfer Dane Reynolds

P.S. Here are some screen grabs from the trailer that I thought sum it up. Enjoy.

Pro surfer Dane ReynoldsPro surfer Dane ReynoldsPro surfer Dane Reynolds

Thrills, Spills, And Whatnot

Dane Reynolds
Directed by: Yani Lidori
Distributed By:
Approximate Budget: $100,000
Soundtrack: Noise, Courtney's band, some half songs and snippets of bands you've never heard of.
Locations: Caribbean, California, France, Nicaragua, and Mexico.
Production Time: A little more than a year.
Guest Stars: No real guest sections, but cameos by Adam Virs, Courtney, Dan Malloy, Ben Bourgeois, Julian Wilson, Dion Agius, Dusty Payne, and Kelly Slater.
Length: About a half hour.
Shot on: 8mm film on Bolex cameras, some 16 mm, a little bit of HD.
Price: TBA
Bonus Material: Don't like art? Don't fret, there's a bonus section on the disc that has 45 minutes of straight Dane Reynolds ripping--and yes, he is ripping.

If you're expecting to see Dane Reynolds' First Chapter Part Two, take those expectations and shove 'em. Thrills, Spills, And Whatnot takes the subtle weirdness we saw in First Chapter and cranks it up a notch to a level of oddity and artistic license we've never been privy to in the surf world. This is not a surf movie; it's an art project, and a pretty damn good one at that. The film is like a trip through Dane's memory banks through the last year, only it's chopped up, spun around, obscured, and organized into a stream of consciousness that lasts about a half hour, but stays with you for much, much longer. No parts, no sections, no sessions, no titles, plenty of wipeouts, a few dig rails, lots of messy noise, and an overall feeling that Dane does give a f--k. He seems to care more about creating art than he does about making the viewer think he can do airs--for better or for worse. This is a limited release as Dane is working on some weird and awesome packaging, so you better jump on the chance to get this thing when it comes out.--Chris Cote