Check out this clip of certified madman Damien “Dom” Wills bodysurfing Shipstern Bluff off the coast of Tasmania recently. The video came from the filming of Jack McCoy’s newest project entitled A Deeper Shade of Blue. While formerly known as Ace Buchan’s video guy, Dom started turning heads—and got a cover on TransWorld SURF—with his go for broke style and has sealed a reputation as one of the world’s hardest charging surfers.


Professional NSW surfer Damien 'Dom' Wills took on one of the worlds heaviest waves in a 'man versus nature' moment when he opted to bodysurf Tasmania's Shipsterns Bluff while filming for Jack McCoy's upcoming surfing film A Deeper Shade of Blue.
The MacMasters Beach hell-man broke his board after being smashed by a Bluff bomb and then decided to bodysurf a 2.5 metre ledge at the radical break only to be launched over the lip.
"When I was surfing I nosedived on take-off and got pushed to the bottom and rolled around," said Wills.
"When I came up my leg-rope plug had pulled out of my board, so I swam around in the line-up for a bit before I bodysurfed one okay wave and went back for another. I could see a good one shaping up. I took a few strokes and it pulled me over with the lip. I knew I was going to hit hard. But overall it was fun!" added Wills.
McCoy and his crew were on-site shooting and captured both bomb wipeouts including the all-time bodysurfing annihilation. Award-winning director/cinematographer Jack McCoy who watched on with awe said, "Dom is one of those crazy sort of guys who love to charge in big surf. Not many people would think of swimming around at this radical surf spot at the best of times, yet out he goes and swims into a hefty sized wave. We were just sitting there in the channel on our jet ski and filmed the whole thing. It was the highlight of the day," added McCoy.
McCoy is about to commence post-production on his much anticipated 25th film on surfing, which will be completed early next year for international release. Almost four years ago, McCoy started shooting and collecting material for the film, which will feature stories told orally by the surfing icons of the past hundred years. The rest of the film will comprise stories told by people like Dom, who surf for the love of it.

You can check out everything about the new movie at Just click on Trailers on the front page of the user friendly site.