There are only so many ways of putting Burning Man in words… I don't think I know any of them, nevertheless these photo’s need to be accompanied by something or else there will be no sense made of it…

It was something else altogether, I have never struggled to put things into words before like this. There were 5 of us, 5 clean souls, 1 massive motor home, 4 bikes, 1 fridge full of beer, 4 cupboards full of microwave pasta and minds full of endless thought. Burning Man runs on many things, many things, but it is trading that can take you down the different paths and possibilities of the City. We had close to nothing. We were fresh off the plane and with the waves barely breaking we flipped plans and headed to the desert in the first few days… All we had was a trolley full of convenience from Cost Co.

14 hours in a campervan flowing with tunes and we were there. Beams and bulbs of light bounced into the darkness as we neared the Gates. Harry joined the sweet voice of Sally our GPS lady and together they counted down the minutes and turn off’s, it was fucking momentous. It was dark and it was dusty. People are strange, I knew that before we arrived, know that I have returned I know people are stranger, yet not strangers. We lined up, we got our tickets. We found our site in the curved streets and residential area of the Burning Man City, Blackrock. It could have been the end of the world. If aliens had rocked up I would not of questioned it.

Our first night was about to begin, a few of us almost got lost in the portaloo’s, a few of us almost got lost in the desert. We rode across the playa on double decker buses with people dressed as anything they could think of, bears, monkeys, madam’s, stripper’s, freaks… 2 of us looked like exterminators, some of us looked for the place to be. There was a rollerdome in the middle of it all, just no matching skates. There was a metal dome, but no Tina Turner, just people off their brains climbing and bounding inside its triangular frame. There was fire breathing trucks manned by drunken hicks, there were ravers flipping their minds to countless DJ’s… It was a free for all.

Our night quickly turned to day.

We rode into and around the playa, there was a massive piano like the one in Ferris Bueller’s day off (I think that was the film?) but it sat in the sand and it sounded better. People stood and bounced on it. Wade rode across it, it was a massive version of running your fingers across all keys, it was well received. It may be on video.

It was not long after a 6ft tall piece of cheese drove by us, we looked, we shrugged. It was just a piece of cheese on wheels; it was nothing on the amount vaginas and doodles that bounced about… We were slowly becoming desensitized to the ways of the burners.

I have never been a part of the rave seen, but if you are, you need to find your way to Burning Man. From what my ears know of electric, technotic tunes I’m thinking some of the worlds best DJ’s were ruling the posts and floors of nearly every party in the playa. People were losing their minds; it was the place to do it.

I saw some amazing looking people out there, but there were just as many regular Joe's. People from every notch on the scale walked, rode, laughed and partied together. It was a sample of so many things the world has created, many of which are hidden from our 9 to 5 lives. I'm sure many of these people returned after Burning Man to desks and computers, suburban, country and city lives… Without a flinch.

There were no rules, but one thing we were told was ‘Get to know your neighbors’… It was the best piece of advice we heard. The crew from the Wonder Bar were some of the coolest people we met. Once again they were people from another world to us. We were greeted with cold beer and smiles, we told stories, they told stories. They made us burritos; they gave us pieces of turquoise, necklaces and some of the most welcoming vibes I have ever received… A few of them could be getting around their towns in Creative Destruction shirts; it was all we had to offer… We were the peasants of Blackrock city.

Burning Man is something you need to do before you die. It can be whatever you want it to be… Anything goes.—Wade Goodall

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