Craig Anderson Signs With Futures Fins

Twenty-thirteen is off to a roaring start with the announcement of Futures newest team rider, Merewether, Australia's Craig Anderson. After years of riding the Futures system, thanks to the guidance of his longtime shaper Hayden Cox, Ando has officially joined the squad.

"I've been riding Hayden Shapes surfboards for quite a while, and he's always put Futures in my boards," Craig said in a recent video interview. "To be honest though, I don't really know too much about surfboards and fins, but I know what feels good under my feet… they feel good"

Craig has begun a crash course in knowing more, with early signature fin proto-types already in his board, in pursuit of a new feeling that is also good. Keep your eyes peeled for more from Craig, as he puts the finishing touches on his profile film to be released by Marine Layer Productions later this year.

Ando rides futures. Welcome to the Team.