Conner Coffin

Pro surfer Conner Coffin matches power with power on the North Shore of Oahu; frame grab from video

With its swaying palms, sun-drenched beaches, epic surf, and spirit of aloha, what's not to love about the North Shore of Oahu? It's ground zero in the world of surf, and commonly referred to as the "proving grounds" for surfers—meaning prove yourself on the North Shore of Oahu and you're respected throughout the world. Santa Barbara, California–based brothers Conner and Parker Coffin have been traveling to the North Shore since before they were teenagers, and their level of surfing there reflects it. So, in celebration of his just-released edit, titled "Hawaii Pleasure," we caught up with one half of the Young Wise Tails duo, Conner, to see what it is about the North Shore that keeps him coming back for more.

The waves
I love all of the waves on the North Shore—so raw, so much power, and also such a variety!

The way of life
Laid back, mellow, and revolving around the beach … dreamy!

The food
#Fatboysurfcamp! Pupukea Grill every day for lunch, Lei Leis at the Turtle Bay resort, Elephant Thai food truck, the list goes on …

The sightseeing
It must have something to do with that soft sand, but there is certainly no lack of eye candy on the North Shore—the small bikinis don't hurt either.

The level of surfing …
Is incredible on the North Shore. On any given day there will be locals out who are absolutely shredding. Mason Ho is definitely one of the best things about the North Shore!

Parker Coffin

Parker Coffin—the younger of the two brothers—in action at the famed Banzai Pipeline; frame grab from video

Of note was the soundtrack the guys used on this clip; it's from a band called Pleasure and the track is a live recording. "This is pretty much what we listen to in Hawaii to get psyched up for every surf session, so we thought it would be fun to cut in some footage of them jamming live," says Conner. For more Young Wise Tails, check out their blog.

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